What Have You Accumulated?


God’s Word tells us that we’re to run the race of life, and to do so with perseverance. Unfortunately, we can carry heavy burdens – and those burdens can leave us exhausted and overwhelmed.


Hebrews 12:1 provides the answer to our woes; it says that we’re to strip off every weight that slows us down.  God’s well aware that we’ve been lugging a backpack full of bricks that makes our journey much more tiring that it needs to be.  And because He loves us, He wants to help us lighten our load.


To live the life God’s prepared for us we need to declutter; to run the race well we need to get rid of the physical, emotional and spiritual stuff that weighs us down.


Clutter is simply the accumulation of failures – in particular failing to make a decision.


If we fail to make decisions about our material possessions, they’ll quickly accumulate.  When taken to an extreme, you could find yourself paying for extra storage units!  The truth is that too much physical stuff can cause stress and trouble that no one needs.


When we fail to make decisions about our emotional stuff, we hurt others, we prevent the healthy and fulfilling relationships we crave, and, we withhold our best – which is a loss for everyone.


When we fail to make decisions about our spiritual stuff, we suffer the most devastating consequences of all; our spiritual clutter causes distance between ourselves and God.


The good new, is that with the help of a coach you can declutter your life.  If you do, you’ll be amazed at how great you can feel, and what you can do.  In fact, with less “stuff,” you can experience the joy of living wholeheartedly!


Please join me later this winter, for a 40-day decluttering challenge.  Watch our Facebook page for details! (Wholehearted Living)