You Are What You Eat. Or Not?

We’ve heard it so often we can finish the statement without even thinking about it; you are what you…eat.

When we make the effort to eat healthy, high-quality food, we assume it’ll do our bodies good – and that’s certainly the goal. However, while it’s important to provide healthy fuel for our bodies, there’s another factor that’s often overlooked.

We can eat the highest quality, healthiest food but if our body can’t absorb the nutrients from it, it’s literally throwing money down the drain.

Therefore, a more accurate statement would be, “we are what we absorb.”
So what allows our body to absorb the nutrients from the food we provide? Our gut. Our gut health – the level of good bacteria in it – determines what our body actually absorbs.

So how do we improve our gut health?

The answer’s simple; eat fermented foods – like sauerkraut, yogurt, cider, kefir, Kimchi and others. Some of those are an acquired taste, but another possibility is to take a good-quality probiotic. Those are all things that can improve the level of healthy bacteria in our guts. As a result, our bodies can absorb the nutrients they need to operate at their best.

Having a healthy body provides the energy to do the things you want to do – like take a walk, tackle those projects on your “to do list” and spend quality time with those you love. A healthy body is a crucial component of living wholeheartedly. Why settle for anything less?

* Please check with your doctor, do some research or go to a trusted health food store to get help selecting a probiotic that’s right for you.