What’s Hiding Underneath Your Debris?

What three words would you use to describe yourself?  Would you struggle and immediately think of words like not good enough, disorganized, disappointing, clumsy, stupid, dull, annoying, impatient, etc.?

Unfortunately, we’ve learned to believe things about ourselves that are not true.  As a result, we hold back from being who we’re intended to be – and doing what we’re created to do.

Our faulty beliefs lead us to see ourselves similar to the dog on the left; we see ourselves covered with grime – like guilt, shame and other garbage.  However, that’s just debris from our past. 

And the great news is that we don’t have to carry it with us any longer!

We can learn to embrace ourselves and claim our true identity –the incredible women we’re created to be.  We are chosen.  We are loved.  We are beautiful and have incredible personalities, talents and experiences.

The truth is that no one could ever take your place; you are irreplaceable!

Just like the dog in these pictures, you are loved.  Yes, these two pictures are of the same dog – my dog, Mabel.  The “before” and “after” represents the transformation of having her debris washed off. 

At the risk of sounding like Dana Carvey as the “Church Lady” on SNL… if you’re a follower of Christ, His blood has washed away your grime.  (1st John 1:7)

By any chance, have you forgotten what’s been done for you?  If so, maybe it’s time for a good scrubbing – of your beliefs about who you are AND what you’re created to do. J