What’s The Fog In Your Life?

I was recently out of town and ready to start the ten-hour drive back home.  With a full tank of gas, some snacks and a bottle of water, I felt well prepared for the drive.

However, there was something that I hadn’t anticipated; a thick, dense layer of fog that covered all but a few feet of the road ahead of my car.  I wasn’t prepared for that!  However, I knew the one who always has provision and I called out to Him.  I prayed, not just once, but every few miles.  I asked God to provide a calm heart, clear sight and sharp focus.  I then experienced the inner peace that comes onlyfrom relying on God.

Nearly an hour into the drive the fog began to lift, and by then I also had the advantage of daylight.  The combination meant I felt much more confident of my ability to handle the situation and therefore, could have easily forgotten my reliance on God.

The more I thought about it, I realized that is a much more dangerous place to be.  Relying on myself is where trouble begins, and to do so is absolutely ludicrous when I have an open invitation to rely on God.

It would be like walking through a heavy rainstorm and choosing to go by yourself (with just a newspaper for protection) rather than going arm-in-arm with a friend who has a raincoat and boots for you, AND is holding a large, industrial strength umbrella over your head.  Why would anyone make such a foolish choice?  And yet that is often what we are tempted to do.

The more I reflected upon the situation, the more I realized this simple truth:  Only when I am as reliant on God as I was in the mist of the fog, can I truly experience the peace and joy that God has prepared for me.  What a tragedy to bypass His perfect provision, in rain, fog or ANY situation.

Question:  What is the “fog” in your own life?  What situations prompt you to rely on God?



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