What’s Wrong With Your Name?


I’ve always wished for a more common name, like Sue, Jill or Kelly. That’s because my name is a difficult one. As a kid, I could never find it on anything preprinted – like personalized pencils, bicycle nametags, balloons or on anything else.

More frustrating however, is that most people have trouble pronouncing it correctly; and to hear your name mispronounced, can feel like fingernails on a chalkboard!

Recently, however, a coaching client shared a clever way for people to remember the accurate pronunciation of my name; she suggested that I remind people of the wife in the TV show, “The Adams Family,” whose name was “Morticia” – which is very similar to “Alicia.”

As I’ve thought more about one’s name, I realized that I’ve often called myself a variety of other names; names like stupid, unattractive and others that fall in the category of “not good enough.” Yet I wouldn’t dream of calling anyone else such hurtful names!

So what about you? What names do you respond to? More importantly, what names do you call yourself?

As we learn to stop being so hard on ourselves, we can begin to embrace who we really are; we can respond to our God-given names: Cherished, extraordinary, delightful and more.

If you’re looking for your real name, look no further than God’s Word; it’ll help you to embrace (and celebrate) your true identity.

(P.S. These days, when I walk into my home, this sign is what greets me. Why not get something equally welcoming for yourself?)

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