Which Do You Have: Time or Lifestyle?

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Do you regularly make time to exercise, or do you exercise only your excuses? Like many people, I used to schedule time to exercise. I attended an aerobics class three times a week and was active for those 60 minutes. At the time, it seemed like a good way to get fit. Since then, however, I learned of a new approach: Rather than dedicating a specific time to be active, I began to look for ways to have an active lifestyle.

While I thought I was in fairly good shape from my active “time,” an active lifestyle resulted in even greater health. For example, rather than parking in the closest space, I would park further away and enjoy the walk. Instead of routinely taking the elevator, I would choose the stairs. Also, if possible, I would ride my bike rather than driving everywhere.

I’ve experienced similar results when it comes to my time with God. Like many women, I used to start my day with 30 minutes of studying the Bible. It led me, as a fairly new Believer, to a working knowledge of God and Christian living. However, over time I desired more.

The next several years God led me on a decluttering journey. We worked on clearing out emotional, physical and spiritual clutter that had caused resistance in my relationship with God. I learned to discard my faulty beliefs, and my deep wounds received the salve they needed. Because of this, I discovered an insatiable appetite to know God. I began to connect with Him in more meaningful ways. I was mindful of Him and conversed with Him throughout the day.

Since taking the leap of faith and launching the “Wholehearted Living” ministry, my relationship with God has been transformed. In my greatest need I learned to cling to Him. Rather than just a specified period of time to study, I now interact with God throughout the day, sharing every aspect of my life with Him. Inevitably, I have come to know Him better and more easily identify His voice.

What about you? Are you ready to make the transition from a devotional time to a devotional lifestyle? Would you like to experience God in greater, more vibrant ways? If so, consider becoming more intentional about your connection with God. For example, read His Word at breakfast, lunch and dinner; sing worship songs whenever you’re in your car; or get creative and share your thoughts and feelings in writing letters to Him. Rather than settling for a devotional time, experience the blessings of a devotional lifestyle.

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