Who Will You Call?

Ever since sixth grade, Tammy, has been one of my best friends. In 1970, after my family had recently moved into town, she was one of the first girls I met. Forty-six years later, even though for most of that time she’s lived in Illinois and I’ve lived in Iowa, we’re closer than ever.
The reason for that is we’ve spent a lot of time together and we have a history upon which we keep building. Even in the midst of our busy lives, we’ve continued to make our relationship a priority; we’ve been intentional about talking and spending time together.

Pictured here, are the two of us –along with our daughters, Kristin and Anna. Our friendship has influenced the next generation, as the two of our girls have also become good friends.

I know Tammy so well that if I pause, I can literally hear her voice. I can picture her mannerisms, the phrases she uses, and her style of delivery. I can see her laughing and I’m familiar with so many of her stories that, still today, make me laugh.

Over the years, we’ve often been told we look like sisters. I suppose it’s true that you begin to resemble those whom you spend time with; you inevitably take on some of their qualities –they “rub off on you.”

So what about our relationship with God? How much time do we spend with Him –and His Son? Is He rubbing off on us? Do we have a history together? If not, why not start developing one? Just like getting to know a new friend, spend time together, read His book and talk with Him.

If you’ve already established a relationship with Him, maybe today is the day to get to know Him better. Might He be waiting for you to “give Him a call” to connect? Maybe He has something to say to you through His written word, a Bible study or a devotional.

Like my friendship with Tammy having impacted our children, have you considered how your relationship with God is affecting the next generation? Is your relationship positively impacting your children’s relationship with God?

Whenever I talk with Tammy I feel rejuvenated. She’s someone with whom I can be “me”; I don’t have to hold anything back. She listens to me, is truthful with me and isn’t afraid to help me see something I’m missing. At the same time, she’s always supportive and encouraging to me.

The same (and much more) is true of God. He already knows everything about us, so we can be free to share anything and everything with Him. He also believes in us, encourages us, and speaks the truth to us. After talking with Him, we too, will likely feel rejuvenated.

Maybe today, nothing is more important than “giving Him a call.”