Who’s Responsible For This?

Earlier this fall, on a Saturday morning, I got up and got ready to go help host a women’s event at church. As I jumped into my car and pushed the garage door button it stopped about halfway up. I hit the button several more times, but it wouldn’t budge.


At that point I went back into the house and realized the electricity had gone out. I wasn’t too concerned, figuring it would come back on any minute – but that wasn’t the case.


Nearly an hour later, it came back on. Disappointed that I hadn’t been able to go early enough to help prepare for the gathering, I considered staying home. However, I stopped and prayed; I asked God to show me whether I was to proceed with my plans or if for some reason, I was to stay home. I immediately felt a nudge to go, even though I’d be a little late.


The church event turned out to be amazing! I met several women who I instantly connected with and recognized as “God appointments.”


Later, as I reflected upon the event, I realized the enemy had been at work. He always tries to thwart our plans, but especially when there are God-assignments involved.


So the next time you see a roadblock, consider praying and asking God to provide guidance; ask Him to show you whether to pause or to push through.


When we seek to be in alignment with God’s plans, we’ll find the perfect provision – regardless of the weather. (John 10:10 NIV)

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