The Wholehearted Living Program

Core Workshops  (BOTH are prerequisites for acceptance into  the Wholehearted living program)

#1. Learning to Be Helpful Rather Than Hurtful

(Overcoming a  mistake we ALL make, that damages our relationships)

In this 90-minute workshop you will learn:

  • How to identify specifically what you’re feeling and the impact of doing so
  • How to handle feelings in a surprising and healthy manner
  • A simply tool that can improve ALL your relationships

Saturday, April 1st, 10:30 to noon


#2. Conversations for Deeper Connections with Yourself – and ultimately, with God and Others too

In this highly interactive 2-hour workshop you’ll learn:

  • The simple but powerful tool to help you develop deeper connections – starting with your most influential relationship, which is your relationship with yourself
  • How to silence your biggest critic and become your greatest fan

*Workshop #1 is REQUIRED before participating in workshop #2

Sunday, April 2nd – online – 3:30 to 5:00 pm


Coaching Courses (Online or In Person):

Our team of certified mentor coaches would love to help you get free of the stuff that’s been holding you back and causing resistance to the life you really want. With step by step instructions, weekly teaching videos, application exercises and live mentor coaching sessions, you can experience personal growth beyond anything you’d imagine. No longer encumbered by your past, you’ll be free to embrace your present and be prepared for your future.

In the first 6-week small group coaching course, Your Relationship with Yourself and Your Past, you’ll learn to dive deeply into the following:

  • Your most influential relationship (the one with yourself)
  • Your relationship with your father and mother
  • Your greatest  hurts, humiliations and unmet needs
  • Your harmful patterns of self-sabotage, people-pleasing, over scheduling yourself, etc.
  • Becoming an effective guard and supportive caretaker of your heart

Join the program so you can:     CONNECT.  EXCAVATE.  BUILD.

  • Find more energy (as a result of dropping guilt, shame and other baggage from your past)
  • Experience joy of authentic connections with others and the relief from discovering you’re not alone
  • Say “good-bye” to old behaviors that prevented you from living your best life 
  • Gain confidence from embracing and celebrating who you are!

Additional courses in the Wholehearted Living Program

2nd course: Your Relationship with God – learning to love God with all your heart (8  weeks)

Alum course: WIN Your Body Battle (12 weeks)

Listen to what others have to say:

Completing the Wholehearted Living decluttering program was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  I was able to lay down heavy burdens of past guilt and shame and as a result, feel lighter and freer than I could have imagined.  I’m experiencing a newfound  freedom and joy from learning to love myself  – and to fully embrace God’s love for me.  Give yourself  the gift of Wholehearted Living. You won’t be sorry. – Gloria M.


The Wholehearted Living program is one of the brightest spots in my life! My time spent with my heart coach and our group was incredibly eye-opening. I was able to be honest and open in a very safe space. My coach’s loving and  persistent approach helped me take a deeper look at my life and my relationships than I had done before. As a result I was able to identify and remove the stumbling blocks and barriers to living my fullest life and moving forward. If you are ready to take your life to the next level and live it to the fullest, I wholeheartedly recommend the Wholehearted Living coaching program.  – Angela G


The Wholehearted Living program was eye-opening and life-changing. My relationships with family members have strengthened, as well as my relationship with God. Because I was taking care of everyone else except myself, I was a stressed out mess. I learned how to put ME first, without feeling selfish about it.

I would recommend the Wholehearted Living coaching program to ANY woman who wants to find her true self, learn how to protect her heart, and be her “best” self. Kari S.


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Alicia speaks on a variety of topics and is happy to address the specific needs of your audience. Some of her most requested talks are:

  • The Secret to Getting Unstuck
  • Getting Free of Your Biggest Critic
  • The Surprisingly Simple Steps to Living Wholeheartedly

Hear what others have to say:

“Alicia’s passion to help others comes through in her presentations. She is an amazing speaker, keeping her audience engaged and sitting on the edge of their chairs.” – Dr. Tyler Molstre, Wellness Doctor at True Life Wellness

“Words to describe Alicia include authentic, heartfelt, passionate, delightful, enthusiastic and faithful. She is an excellent speaker, writer and heart coach. Alicia is a WOW!”– Lynn Heggen, Independent Health, Wellness & Spiritual Director

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